Cam Gardner was scrolling through his Facebook feed when he noticed a post for a volunteer work experience opportunity as a media liaison for the Melbourne Boomers’ WNBL team for the season just gone. He emailed through his previous experience doing social media for the Emmaus St Leo’s Football Club during his first year at the club, where he updated the social medias with training reminders and the club’s weekend results.

Gardner (middle right) at the Boomers 2018/19 Presentation Night

For the Boomers, it was enough to be granted an interview, where he went into more detail with what he helped Emmaus St Leo’s with. The national sporting club highly valued what he’d contributed and loved the relevant experience, recognising that he’d already done a bit of what the liaison role required. Cam was now a social media liaison.

Cam’s role is part of a three-person social media team. Between the three of them, they update the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages on the Boomers’ WNBL game day, as well as writing up the match report. Cam believes that any experience is good experience and although Emmaus St Leo’s is an amateur football club, the roles the club provides still apply at all levels. Not only this, but he says that volunteering looks good because it proves that you’re more than willing to give up your own time to gain experience, which Emmaus St Leo’s does a great job in facilitating.

Nothing has been confirmed yet, but Cam hopes to be back again for the upcoming WNBL season.

-Sheridan Harris