Emmaus St. Leo’s is proud to announce the six men chosen to lead our two sides in Division 3 for 2019. The Seniors and Reserves team have high expectations for the 2019 season, and the men chosen will be at the forefront of the expected success. Both sides will have two co-captains, and a vice captain.

The Seniors see the return of a familiar face in the co-captaincy role, with Chris Beluszar retaining a leadership role in 2019. He will be joined by Harry Davis in the other captaincy role after a breakout year in 2018. Their vice will be fellow 2018 breakout player Nathan Bird.

Foxy Beluszar taking yet another one of his signature overhead marks

Foxy Beluszar taking yet another one of his signature overhead marks

For Beluszar, sharing the captaincy with Davis is a special moment.

“Very excited and honoured to be a captain again, even more so than last year as my good mate and fellow leader H does it alongside me... he may not have had the title of Captain last year but in my eyes and I think everyone he certainly was - I know I emotionally could not have done it without him last year as I needed a bit of time away he stepped right up and that’s where he stayed. H in my eyes is the present and the future of the club... and a bloody good beer pong partner as well.”

The admiration is reciprocated by Davis, who has been around the club and seen players such as Beluszar put their bodies on the line for the Animals for many years now.

“It is an absolute honour to have been chosen to lead this amazing footy club in such an exciting period of change and growth. I’ve always looked up to the past leaders of the club and to think that I’m now one of them is pretty surreal and very special to me.”

Rounding out the trio is Nathan Bird, who is only in his second year with the Animals. His ascendancy to the role is something he sees as a vote of confidence from the new coaching panel.

Nathan Bird

Nathan Bird

“Being chosen in the leadership group is a huge accomplishment for me and gives me a lot of confidence that the coaches and the club believe I have to the attributes they are looking for and the belief that I can help the club accomplish something big this year.”

All three will be on the field to start the 2019 season against Parkside this afternoon, with the Seniors looking to rectify what was a disappointing 2018.

“I don’t think I have ever been as excited for a footy season as I am for this one. We have got such a talented young group and if we can come together and play for each other, then there is nothing stoping us from going all the way.” said Davis ahead of the match.

For the Reserves, they also see two changes to the leadership group for the 2019 season.

Staying on in a co-captaincy role is Steve Jones, but he will be joined by good friend Adam Athorne in the role, who took some time before finding his home within the Animals Family.

Steve Jones (left) and Adam Athorne (middle) take a photo with a fan before a game

Steve Jones (left) and Adam Athorne (middle) take a photo with a fan before a game

“How much I love this club is represented in its culture. Having played at 4 other footy clubs before finding my way to Emmaus St Leo’s you realise the heart and soul of a club is it’s culture. And it doesn’t get any better than at The Animals!”

They’ll be joined by one of the more popular members of the playing group as vice in Nic “The General” Glanville.

Glanville has spent the pre-season generating hype for a “Twos Dynasty” and will now be an integral part of it’s execution.

“Personally I am really looking forward to seeing the development of the reserves side going forward, bringing great depth to the club and hopefully plenty of success. I couldn’t be happier with how St. Leo’s are looking this year and it’s a true pleasure to be a part of such an outstanding club, both on and off the field.”

But “The General” knows that there is work to be done.

“After a somewhat rough first year at the club last year, getting relegated and all that, it’s a real honour to get involved on this level at a club that I love so much and one that is really headed in a good direction this season.”

The reserves kick their season off at 11.40am at Picther Park against Parkside.