For the second weekend in a row, Bennettswood Reserve is going to be full of Animals with another triple header for Emmaus St Leo’s. After only one out of three wins last Saturday, the coming games gives the club the opportunity to get back on the right track collectively on field. For Emmaus St Leo’s women’s team, their last game was arguably not one of their best, with most players agreeing that they were lacking in most areas.

But it’s a whole new weekend, and the Animalettes are facing the Hampton Rovers, who will be smarting after giving Prahran Assumption their first win of the season. Sitting on the same points but with a superior percentage, Hampton are in the 4 and Emmaus St Leo’s are 6th. There’s a huge opportunity this weekend to begin to cement a top 4 spot with a convincing win.

For the first time this season, the Animalettes are struggling with numbers, with only one player named on the bench. There will be a lot of tired bodies by the end of Saturday’s game. Starting in the backline is Bec Herne, Claire Anderson and Sam Bridgland, with Dee Burden, Kayla Hetherington and Shino Walsh providing support on the halfback line. In the centre is Ashleigh Morley, Grace de Cesare and Jess Dawson, and Maddy Hogan, Tara Ingham and Shellby Lonie following. One of the consistencies of the Animalettes is the four-man half-forward line, and this weekend is no different as Sam Hogarth, Sheridan Harris, Bridget Monaghan and Amy Ronchi fill those spots. Delaney Morvell and Shannon Harris will both start deep. Named on the bench is Kate Fletcher. Notable outs include captain Sally Hood, Rhiannon Stute and Kate Lucas, who are all injured, and the likes of vice-captain Shanelle Blachford, and Brooke Chapman unavailable for selection.

The game on Saturday will be a huge test for the Animalettes. They have the skills, and they have the passion and belief to win. Training has shown really impressive signs and they’ll look to translate that to game day. Is naming the Harris twins to both start likely to be a good luck charm? Will the lack of numbers on the bench inspire some gameday heroics? Bennettswood Reserve at 9.20am is the place to be this Saturday to find out as Emmaus St Leo’s women’s team takes on the Hampton Rovers. Stick around to watch the men’s teams take on the Westbourne Grammarians for what is hopefully another day of three wins out of three games!

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