Half the year has gone already, with only 6 games left of the 2019 season for Emmaus St Leo’s women’s team. At this stage, the Animalettes have played 8 games, and are sitting 7th on the ladder with 2 wins and 6 losses. Head Coach Roy Fenton isn’t shy about the situation, knowing full well that ‘we aren’t in the position we’d like to be’ but isn’t loath to admit that it hasn’t been easy ‘with a few injuries and girls unavailable in the last few games, it makes it hard with little to no rotations.’ An impressive aspect of the Animalettes this season has been the way the backline have held up under immense pressure. Consistency has been key, and it has shown in the way the team works in the back half. Claire Anderson’s season in the backline has been fantastic to see and Shellby Lonie has had a breakout season and cannot be contained, regardless of where she plays on the field. She is a stalwart in the backline and can take impressive intercept marks, but her ability to burst out of packs and make an impact on the scoreboard isn’t missed either. Fenton’s areas of particular improvement are in the intensity and endeavouring to be first to the footy, believing that tightening this up will make a difference in how his team controls the ball. In his second season as coach, he’s incredibly impressed with the improvement in skills from the players who played last season, and the addition of the new players has worked well. He knows that if the team continues to train hard, a win is not far away. Off-field, the Animalettes have continued to facilitate an environment that is non-judgemental and fun, whilst still maintaining and improving their football skills. The camaraderie shown really just proves how much they are a part of the Animals family. There have been moments of brilliance in each of the games the Emmaus St Leo’s women’s team have played this season, and once that becomes a full game, four-quarter effort, they’ll be unstoppable. The belief is there and it’s amazing to watch.

Sheridan Harris - Women's player