The saying goes that the third term is the premiership quarter, and if that is the case, the Animals definitely did not capitalise.

After taking a slender 5 point lead at the long break, Manningham would kick 6 of the 8 goals snagged in the second half to take a 15 point win and secure promotion from Division 3.

For the Animals, it was a bitter pill to swallow after what had been a superb run at the end of the season which saw them win 6 of their last 7 leading into the game.

The game was played in conditions more suitable to water polo than fast paced football, as already set in rain continued to fall for the entire first half. Both teams struggled skill wise, with multiple drop balls, and countless stoppages as at times the ball stayed stagnant, sans the occasional relieving clearance. However for the decent crowd assembled in the wet, it would do little but shift the congestion to a different part of the field.

Manningham would strike first, but the Animals would lead at quarter time as Jack Hunt kicked truly from the same spot Captain Chris Beluszar had only just missed from before. Paul Baranello would have shot on the siren after getting collected illegally, but would fail to record a much needed score.

The second quarter was the definition of wet weather footy. Neither team refused to budge an inch as the footy was locked in contest all quarter.

Both sides would nudge the ball forward occasionally, only to see it locked down once again.

Then right on half time, the long sleeved Hugh Schaeche won a free kick on a tight angle on his wrong side. That would soon not matter as a 50m penalty took him right in front and he took a one point Manningham lead and made it a 5 point Animals lead.

Manningham then came out a changed side in the 3rd. Kane Maghamez escaped the clutches of Lawrence Virgo and would break the game open as he kicked the Cobras clear.

But the Animals refused to lie down, unless forced, and when captain Chris Beluszar was on the receiving end of an illegal bump, a red card swung the game the Animals favour.

Matt Hill would slot his now commonplace tight angle finish and gave the Animals hope just before the end of the third, but a vital Manningham goal just before the siren would all but seal the deal.

The deal would then be sealed after the break, as Manningham doubled their lead. Maghamez would strike twice and prove why he will be crucial to the Cobras in Division 2.

Kieran Mair would goal late to provide hope to the more ardent of Animals in the crowd, but time would waste away and Manningham would end the Animals Senior season.