Emmaus St. Leo’s last night announced the appointment of Ian Ledder as the new Men’s Senior Coach for the 2019 season. The announcement comes as the Animals look to bounce back from a disappointing 2018 men’s season and push for promotion from Division 3.

Ian comes to the club with a raft of experience, including recently coaching at VAFA powerhouse St. Kevin’s with their under 23’s development squad. He brings with him an extensive list of connections which will benefit the club both on and off the field, as well as the ability to deal with the changing dynamic of the Animals list.

Upon his appointment, Ledder was optimistic about the challenge ahead.

I’m genuinely excited to be a part of this club and look forward to working with all the players and the committee.

Ledder was also quick to point out the enthusiasm the Animals have to return to better days in 2019.

It was immediately obvious that there is a lot of passion at ESLOCFC and I am positive we will have fun developing and building successful teams in 2019.

Club President Alex Maunder broke the news at the Animals Club Presentation Night and is also positive about the future direction of St.Leo’s.

Ian has very much impressed us with his enthusiasm and vision for the future. He has a wealth of experience working with young footballers, and given the youthful nature of our playing list he’ll have plenty to offer in terms of their development.

The success of the 2019 season will hinge on whether the club can not only make the finals in the senior grade, but also win them. The last time the Animals were in D3, a last gasp loss to West Brusnwick by 1 point in the 2015 Grand Final left many at the club heartbroken. President Maunder was quick to state how Ledder may fix that.

He has a proven record of winning finals and we hope this can continue with the Animals in 2019. I’d like to welcome Ian and his family to the club!

The news comes off the back of Women’s coach Roy Fenton being secured for the 2019 season, along with the promotion of his popular Team Manager Brendan Ellwood to Assistant Coach for the second season.